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14 ft Ojibwe Longnose Hunter/Trapper - This canoe was built with the assistance of the two Mille Lacs Ojibwe elders shown in the photo and now belongs to the Eastlake Band of Mille Lacs Ojibwe in Minnesota. 14ft 3" long, 34" beam, 12.5" depth at center, 21" prow height. It weighs 47 lbs., is all cedar, and the hull is of a single sheet of bark.

Ojibwe Longnose Canoe - Commissioned by the Minnesota Historical Society's Mille Lacs Indian Museum it is 15ft 9 inches long and weighs about 55lbs. Depth at the center is 12", 34" beam, 24" prow height, ash thwarts and the hull is of a single sheet of bark.

Algonquin Old Style Hunting Canoe - Fourteen feet long with a beam of 34" this is a classic old style hunting canoe. It was featured in the PBS documentary film, "The War That Won America".

Ojibwe Longnose - 15' 9" long, 35" beam, 12.5" deep, 22" stem height, black ash gunwales, black ash thwarts, cedar ribs and sheathing.

14'Ojibwe Longnose Hunter/Trapper - 14'3" long, 34" wide, 12.5" deep and 24" prow height. Single sheet hull. Ash thwarts. It weights approximately 50#. It was featured in the PBS documentary "The War that Won America".

Ojibwe Longnose - 15'9" long, 34" beam, 12.5" deep, 24" stem height, all cedar and weighs about 55#.

Algonquin Oldstyle - 18'long, 35" beam, 13" deep, 24" stem height, white ash gunwales, black ash thwarts and cedar ribs and sheathing.

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Give us a call. I'll be glad to answer your questions. As an added benefit, on canoes that I have personally built, a photo album of the evolution of your canoe is included. I like to think of them as baby pictures.

You can order by credit card, money order or check. You are responsible for shipping costs, however we will be glad to to make the necessary arrangements. There are many options available.

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