Materials for the Adirondack style rustic furniture maker & birch bark crafter.

Whether you make rustic furniture, birch bark crafts, floral arrangements or birchbark canoes it is our aim to provide you the bark and other materials you need.
If you don't see it here, please contact us and we will try to find it for you or tell you where you can get it.


Furniture Quality Bark - Our bark comes from the Tiaga (woods) of Siberia. We consider it to be the finest bark there is. It is neatly trimmed in flat sheets approximately 2'x2', or larger rolls of approximately 2'x 8'. The sheets vary in thickness from about 1/16" to 1/8". Most of the rolls are about 1/8" thick. Siberian bark is very flexible - almost leather-like. It varies widely in look. Please tell us what you need and want and we will do our best to find sheets that match. We have a very ample supply.

Note: This year's bark harvest, primarily due to weather, was very poor. Bark will be in scarce supply throughout the US. It is harvested in early summer. We are concerned that supplies will not meet demand for the entire year. Please take this into consideration.

2'x2' Siberian Sheets and Domestic Grade A Sheets -
the Siberian sheets are trimmed to about 23"x23" and the domestic sheets vary in size and may be larger

      Price is $9.75 per square foot.
3'x2' Siberian Sheets and Domestic Grade A Sheets - the domestic sheets vary in size and may be a bit larger.
      Price is $11.75 per square foot.
6'x2' Domestic Grade A Sheets - they vary in size so may be slightly larger or smaller
      Price is $12.75 per square foot.
8'x2' Rolls - when available
      Price is $14.75 per square foot

Below is a sampling of what these sheets look like. Depending on supplies we will do our best to provide you the look you desire.

Photo #1 - Siberian White; Photo #2 - Siberian with Character; Photo #3 Domestic White; Photo #4 Domestic River Birch
Click on any image to view full size

Birch Bark Tubes - This bark comes from dead trees. As a result it tends to hold its natural curl around the tree. This works well for baskets, candles or anything that would wrap around a cylinder. It has more character and does not come in exact dimensions. Tell us about your project and we will let you know if this bark will work for you.
      $6.75 per sq foot for tubes with diameters less than 6". Tubes with diameters over 6" are $8.50 per sq ft.

Craft Quality Bark - Bark designated "craft quality" typically has a scarred white side and the tan side is used for baskets, wig wams, etc. It also works well in rustic furniture when you are using the tan side to contrast with the white. It comes from the part of the tree that is below the snow line so is rough and dark or the white has been scuffed in the harvest process but the tan side is OK.
      $6.50 per sq foot

Birch Bark Wall and Ceiling Panels - In most wall and ceiling applications the bark needs to be attached to a substrate such as plywood which then in turn can be attached to the wall or ceiling. The steps involved while not difficult can be time consuming and if you plan on using a contractor who has never worked with bark before this can add up in expense. This is why we offer the option of purchasing pre-pressed and backed panels. Now your contractor can finish a whole room in a matter of hours.

Each panel is vacuum pressed and glued using the finest veneer adhesive available. If the application is not going to be adhered to a wall or contained surface then a backing or balancing veneer needs to be adhered to reduce the chance of warping or cupping. This can be the least expensive option due to the time you will save.

Note: We are often asked about finishes for birch bark panels. In the final two photos shown below, those panels were finished with Benjamin Moore brand "dead flat varnish". The customer told us there was no change in color or yellowing. It was both sprayed and brushed depending on the area.

      $7.50 plus the price of the bark for Meranti substrate 1/4" thick
      $8.50 per square foot 1/2" thick Meranti substrate
      $10.00 per square foot 3/8" or 1/2" thick Baltic Birch substrate
            6"x8" sample available for $10 plus shipping.

Dimensional Panels

These samples are 1/2" meranti. Note how flat the bark lays on the substrate despite ridges in the bark.
Click on any image to view full size

Shoots, Saplings and Trees

Yellow birch
      - diameters between 1/2 to 1" - $1.50 per foot
      - diameters between 1" to 2" - $2.00 per foot
      - 2-3" - $3.00 per foot
      - 3-4" - $4.50 per foot

White birch
      - diameters between 1-2" - $2.00 per foot
      - diameters between 2-3" - $3.00 per foot
      - diameters between 3-4" - $5.50 per foot

White birch half logs
      - diameters between 1-2" - $2.00 per foot
      - 2-3" diameter - $3.00 per foot.
      - 3-4" diameter - $4.50 per foot.

How To Order

Give us a call. We'll be glad to answer your questions and help you with your project. You can order by credit card, money order or check.

Returns: We do accept returns but there is a 10% restock fee to cover non-refundable credit card fees and restock. We want you to be happy with your order. No piece of bark is the same so we encourage you to call and discuss your project. This helps us match the right bark to your needs and wants and avoid the possibility of a return.

All orders are shipped Fed Ex Ground within 48 hours.
We will do our best to service your order as quickly as possible.
If it must go out the same day a rush delivery handling fee of $10 will be charged.

509-327-7902 voice and facsimile e-mail

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