These are durable and authentic looking birch bark replica canoes for the economy minded. Without compromising on exterior authenticity and user durability we have created a canoe that is hundreds of dollars less expensive than our premium models. These canoes are built to be used the way a contractor uses a pick-up truck. They look like birchbark canoes but can take a beating. So for re-enacting, hunting, fishing, long trips into the bush just throw your gear in and take off. This is your "grab and go canoe".

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On the left is a 16ft Ojibwe longnose canoe, typical of western Ontario and northern Minnesota. On the right is an Ancient Algonquin/Ojibwe style canoe, typical of what would have been seen from the Ottawa River to Lake Champlain, throughout the Great Lakes and all the way to Wisconsin and the Minnesota border. This is the style most likely seen coming down the rivers into the Ohio Valley and used by early explorers. We will soon have a 16 ft Minnesota Ojibwe style ricing canoe and a 15 ft Maliseet style model.

Features and Prices

The Base Price is

15 & 16 ft Ottawa, Abenaki and Longnose = $3850
19ft Ottawa, Abenaki or Longnose = $4995
23ft Fur Trade = $8795
The exterior looks just the same as with the Full Hybrid models and they are lashed at the ends.

The layup is a knitted 17 oz layer of really tough fiberglass cloth with a reinforced layer in key stress areas for stiffness and impact resistance.

The white ash thwarts are notched into the gunwales and lashed.

Primarily due to the volatile nature of the oil industry the cost of materials and shipping can effect our costs. Therefore prices are subject to change at any time. Once you have ordered and paid a deposit the price is locked in.

Extra Features

The base canoe includes lashing on the prows, the ends of the gunwales and at the thwarts. You can have us lash the remainder of the canoe or get the materials and instructions and lash it yourself. The lashing kit is $50 and for us to lash it is $365 for the 15' canoe, $385 for the 16' and $425 for the 18' & 19' models.

The voyaguers occasionally had seats in their canoes. These worked on the same principle as the old wooden swing hanging from the tree branch - a board with two holes on each end. Heavy leather thongs or nylon cord are run through the holes, up and over the gunwales into and through holes in the hull directly under the gunwales then through the board and tied. They are made of 1x6" spruce or hemlock and are stained (if desired) and oiled. Price is $75 for 2 and come assembled. You can adjust the height.

Stenciled Designs added
Perhaps you would prefer to have us do the design work in-house. Simply choose a motif and we will do the work. Prow motifs $75 per print. Gunwale motifs $200. (See example in photo above)


Unlike your standard conventional canoe these require much time to trim out. We may have your style and length in stock or there may be a slight wait involved. Our policy is a deposit of 50% and a signed agreement that protects you as regards your deposit and tells us what you want in your canoe - it puts us on the same page. The balance is due upon completion and prior to shipping or pick-up.

Price does not include shipping. The cost of shipping varies with your location and the size of your canoe. Typically you can expect $450 to $550. This is subject to change due to the ups and downs of fuel costs.

Contact us at 509-327-7902 voice or email at for more information.

How To Order

Give us a call or send us an e-mail. We will be glad to answer questions, get you additional information and photos or take your order. Payment can be made via check, money order or credit card. For your protection we do credit card payments over the phone, not via e-mail.

509-327-7002 voice and facsimile e-mail

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