Learn to build a birchbark canoe
by building a full size canoe with other students.

What You Can Expect

1. You will learn design, what to look for in acquiring materials and how to prepare them for assembly
a. How to create the desired length and shape of your finished canoe.
b. What to look for in canoe quality birch bark and how to test for it
c. How to select straight and clear white cedar logs
d. How to gather root for sewing and lashing
e. Sharpening a crooked knife (each student gets his/her own knife)
f. Preparing spruce root - splitting and removing the bark (you will prepare some root)
g. Carving with a crooked knife
h. Splitting cedar (you will split and carve two ribs and make 4 pieces of sheathing)
i. Preparing and bending stem pieces and gunwale ends

2. With the group you will assemble the full size canoe
a. Roll out the bark and stake out the frame
b. Sew the bark sheets
c. Insert the gunwales
d. Peg and lash the gunwales
e. Insert the stem pieces
f. Mortise and tenon and then lash the thwarts
g. Bend ribs
h. Pitch the inside of the canoe
i. Insert ribs and sheathing
j. Attach gunwale cap
k. Pitch outside of canoe
l. Test for leaks

3. Tuition
$1095 and includes camping, hot showers and cooking facilities.

4. Dates for 2011 Sessions
The first session starts May 14th through May 28th - Saturday through Saturday. The second class starts Saturday September 10th and goes until Saturday, September 24th.

5. You will be given the opportunity to purchase the class canoe at a discount
The discount is based on deducting the tuition of each student in attendance (up to 5 tuitions) from the full price of the canoe (based on the posted retail price as stated at the time of the class on the web site). For example, if a 15' canoe sold for $5925 at full price and there were 5 students at $1095 each the discount would be $5475 deducted from $6675 leaving a price of $1200. Those wishing the purchase would draw straws.

For more information or to register call or send us an e-mail.

509.327.7902 voice andfacsimile        john@barkcanoe.com e-mail

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